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The Exclusive team are moving…

If you are a current member, you will be informed very soon about the changes. A brief note from one of your favourite Exclusive presenters Kallie Kaye for you all.

“Hey everyone! Wow! It’s been quite the journey since my first review only a few short months ago! I feel like I’ve grown so much and I really appreciate all the support you’ve shown me on Legslavish Exclusive. But now it’s time for me and the Exclusive team to take our reviews to the next level and I want YOU to come along with us! I’ve been working very hard on a project called Lingerie Lowdown which is a BRAND NEW review site that not only covers hosiery, but lingerie and underwear!”

“So if you’ve enjoyed watching the Exclusive team’s reviews, you are going to LOVE watching the reviews being offered at Lingerie Lowdown. Not only am I going to be introducing you to new and exciting products, but I’m going to be introducing you to new and exciting faces! In fact, we’ve more than DOUBLED the team of reviewers so that we can bring you even more of what you want!”

“We’re going to be having so much fun at Lingerie Lowdown which opens it’s doors later in March 2017 and I really don’t want any of you to miss out, so come and join us on this exciting new adventure and get ready to be inspired, delighted, and informed!

Kallie Kaye xx

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