Antonia wears Jonathan Aston Suspended tights

The history of Legslavish

Legslavish is the only place in the world people can come for honest, impartial reviews of hosiery products.

We started up in late 2011 because “statement” tights were central to current fashion trends back then, but there was nowhere to see what the various tights were like before buying them. TV advertising for tights and hosiery seemed to have died out in the 1980s so we saw a gap and thought we’d try to fill it.

In truth, the original Legslavish team (Roisin, Rosa, Saffron and Rhianwen) thought that if they promoted legwear products on Youtube, they might get some free tights sent their way. That was the main objective at the beginning. But we just weren’t prepared for how Legslavish took off. Within weeks our Youtube Channel was getting 100’s of views and 10s of new subscribers each day.

Our early videos (you can still see them on Youtube) weren’t very good in terms of quality. But when we started getting followed by some key players in the fashion industry, and developed relationships with some of the main online retailers in the UK, we knew we had to up our game.

At about the time Lily and Antonia joined us in Summer 2012 we set up a Legslavish Studio with the famous black couch, multi-coloured cushions and fluffy toys. We invested in some studio equipment and improved the quality of our reviews for our thousands of followers This allowed us to also develop some strong relationships with other people in the hosiery industry.

Over the years many aspiring models, actresses, musicians and presenters have worked with us to bring you reviews. Nearly 3 years on and we’re still going strong. With around 20,000 subscribers to our Youtube Channel, and well over 10 million total views of our videos from people all round the globe, Legslavish is a true success story.

As we move into the Autumn/Winter 2014 season we have some new ideas to take us to an even higher level. So stay with us, jump on board and enjoy the ride as we bring you ever more fashions and styles using the endless array of hosiery products.


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