Meet the Legslavish girls ...

Hi. I'm Rosa. I'm currently working towards a career in marketing; I enjoy every aspect of it from graphic design to branding to web development. I have always had a bit of an adventurous side, and can be found either rock climbing or mountain biking most weekends… but by the evening I am always ready to glam up in a dress for a party or gig!




Hiya! I'm Saffron. I'm a creative party girl who loves fashion, music and going out. I love the way you can express yourself through the way you dress and I like to dress quite "out there". I enjoy clashing patterns, breaking the rules so to speak, and I like to look fun and sparkly a lot of the time. I am a tights,leggings and knee high socks addict!!! I think they have taken off loads lately and they are a massive part of my style, my favourite part!! I tend to base my outfits around them and think they can create so many looks and are so diverse, day or nightime looks they can really make an outfit.


Hello, my name’s Roisin and as well as demonstrating some products for you, I'm the Legslavish Blogger and Tweeter! I’m a London lass currently living, studying and partying away from home at Uni. I like reggae, travelling, light skies and dark lips. I dislike lack of milk or inadequate tea supplies (especially on a winters day!) I’m never without a pen. Writing’s one of my passions - I often resent growing up in a world where romance no longer entails a series of lustful letters and where children are taught how to use a computer before a pen. When I’m a grown up (since despite my 19 years, I do still consider myself a child at heart) I’d like to be a successful writer, a lecturer in Latin literature or a bus driver. Hope you enjoy my blog XO (p.s pronounce my name Ro-sheen, it's weird - blame the Irish!) 

Hi, I am Rhianwen, Since graduating with a BA in drama in 2006, I have worked for a casting agency, supplying supporting artists for TV and film in Wales and the South West, as well as taking on a few featured acting roles myself, which has been fantastic.
Drama has always been a real passion of mine, I teach it once a week to kids aged 4-14 and working in the media industry really excites me.

At the weekends and in my spare time I like to spend time with friends and family, I love socialising, going out for nice meals and drinks, and every so often glamming myself up to dance the night away. I love fashion and I like to think I have my own individual style that I adapt to the current trends.